East Pensacola Heights

welcome_to_east_pensacola_heights(EPH) / “The Heights”

east pensacola heights
East Pensacola Heights

1559 landing site of the Tristan De Luna expedition and Ochusee settlement.  Recently rediscovered in 2015 excavations are on-going.  New findings indicate that the oldest European structure in North America has been found:  See – 500 Years of Discovery.

During the 1800s, East Pensacola Heights (EPH) was cleared for the logging boom that made Pensacola a wealthy port city as Europe rebuilt after Napoleon’s reign .  

Later in the 19th Century, it became a summer “cottage” get away for  wealthy industrial downtowners.

Front Porch Sittin Neighborhood


Once automobile transportation made EPH close to town, we became known as the neighborhood of NAS Pensacola civil servants and retirees.

Showing our colors in The Heights




Front porch sitters, walkers, runners, regionally famous restaurants — once second fiddle to East Hill, EPH is now Pensacola Chic’.


Today,  Homes in East Pensacola Heights  are the destination of the children and grand children of long-time neighbors and new settlers in-the-know where everyone knows everyone.  As you can see, I favor the spring and the azaleas that explode in in March.


The Bayou Texar Public Boat Ramp serves boaters far and wide.  It’s ample parking and quick shot out to the Bay makes this a busy place on the weekend.




But, if your boat won’t clear the Bayou Texar bridge to East Hill, then I would suggest the public boat ramp at Graffiti Bridge.

Restaurants, grocery and watering holes as well as coffee shops, quick markets and basic service businesses makes this one of Pensacola’s most walkable neighborhoods.

Jerry’s Drive In – Some Say: “Best Cheese Burger in Town”
Derick’s One-seater Barber Shop